A Course on Human Values and Professional Ethics
S.No. Program Subject Topic
1 B. Sc. Home Science Food & Nutrition Clothing & Textiles Home Management, Child Development, Extension Education Health, Nutrition and Management ethics
2 B.Sc. Home Science (Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics) Health, and Nutrition ethics
3 M.Sc. Home Science Food & Nutrition Food and Health ethics
4 M.Sc. Home Science Textiles & Clothing Management ethics
5 Master of Arts (MAEDS) Extension & Development Studies Professional Skill ethics
6 Master of Arts(MAWGS) women's and Gender Studies Gender ethics

Post Graduate Diploma (PGDWGS)

women's and Gender Studies Social and Gender ethicss
8 One Year Diploma (DECE) Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education Child Care, Health and Education ethics
9 One Year Diploma Nutrition & Health Education Ethics in Nutrition and Health
10 Six Month Certificate Program Fashion Designing Professional ethics
11 One Year Diploma Fashion Designing Professional ethics
12 One Year Diploma (DPLAD) Panchayat Level Administration & Development Social Responsibility ethics
13 One Year Diploma (DWED) Women's Empowerment & Development Social and Gender Responsibility ethics
14 Six Month Certificate Program (CFN) Food & Nutrition Ethics In Nutrition
15 Six Month Certificate Program (CNCC) Nutrition & Child Care Ethics In Child Care and Nutrition
16 Six Month Certificate Program (CRD) Rural Development Social Responsibility ethics
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