Read out the Questions and Answer accordingly.
Student Name (*)
Gender (*)
Category (*)
State of Domicile
E- Mail (*)
Programme Name(*)
Year/ Semester(*)
Reg.No/ Enroll No
Mobile No. (*)
Year of Joining (*)
1. The college has adequate number of class room
2. Equipment in the labs are in working condition
3. The prescribed book/reading materials are available in the library/ department
4. The library staff are cooperative and helpful
5. Photocopying facility in the library is satisfactory 
6. Online educational resources are available and accessible
7. Internet  facilities are available in college
8. Indoor playing area is sufficient in the college.
9. Adequate no. of  toilets are hygienic and properly maintained.
10. Adequate facility of clean drinking water in campus.
11. Canteen facility available is satisfactory.
12. Overall environment in college is conducive to learning
13. Common room for girls is in good condition and well equipped
14. Rest room and room for disabled are well equipped.
15. The college has sufficient ramps and differently abled roads
16. The teacher encouraged students to participate in class discussions and to ask logical questions
17. The teacher used modern teaching aids, handouts, suitable references, power point presentation, web-resources, etc.m
18. The teacher was available and accessible in the college
19. The teacher made students feel welcome in seeking help/advice in or outside of class
20. Seminar hall is well equipped and have enough space
21. The college provides enough chances to participate in Extension activites
22. The Courses are completed on time.
23. Internal assessments are conducted as per schedule
24. Regular and timely feedback is given on performances and facilities
25. The Evaluation process for internal assessment is fair and unbiased
26. Teacher’s style of presentation enhances interest of students during class
27. The teacher managed her class well
28. Teacher’s explanations regarding their subjects are clear.
29. The teachers are regular and punctual in class.
30. The teacher came well prepared for the class
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