The College library provides information support to the teaching-faculties, students & research-scholars with its collection of about 24118 documents, including
books/textbooks on various subjects, Dissertation, project-reports, Seminar/survey files, Journals, CDs & Cassettes, etc. The college is the member of NLIST project of INFLIBNET which facilitates our students to access 97000 books & 6000 journals of different subjects. The library also subscribes 46 print Journals, 17 periodicals and 15 dailies.
Library Services - The library provides the following services to its clientele.
Circulation Service
Reference Service
Bibliographic/ Indexing Service
Newspaper Clipping Service
Internet Search Service
Photocopying Service
The process of circulation of documents has been computerized. The students can also consult information resources like e-books, e-journals through Internet search service which is provided with the help of 12 terminals. The library is also equipped with laptop, LCD projector & Interactive Panel for power-point presentations


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