Regular M.A., M.Sc., M.Sc. (Ag.), M.Com., M.Ed. Examination
under Semester System (w.e.f. Academic Session 2011-12)
1. Duration : The duration of the course for the degree of M.A., M.Sc., M.Sc. (Ag.), M.Com. shall be of two academic years divided into four semesters. The M.Ed, course shall be of one year duration divided into two semesters. After the expiry of this period the student would be treated as an Ex-student for the purpose of the completion of the degree for a stipulated period only as specified separately.
2. Maximum Period: A candidate shall have to complete the Two year PG degree within a period of maximum four years from the date of enrollment for the degree. In case of M.Ed., this period shall be two years.
3. College Courses/Papers : In all the regular P.G. courses i.e., M.A., M.Sc., M.Sc. (Ag.), M.Com., M.Ed., there will be four theory papers and one practical examination in each semester. Each theory paper and practical examination will be of maximum 100 marks. A weightage of 50 marks will be given to internal assessment and 50 marks to the external examination in each theory paper. The practical examination in each semester of 100 marks shall be conducted by a board of examiners consisting of one internal examiner and one external examiner.
4. Internal Assessment : Internal assessment of 50 marks in each theory paper shall be based on:
  • (a) Two tests each carrying 15 marks.
  • (b) Two Quizzes each carrying 5 marks.
  • (c) Seminars/Term Papers/Home assignments carrying 10 marks in all.
  • 1. A candidate not appearing in any of the above shall be awarded zero marks in the test/quiz/seminar etc.
  • 2. The course teacher of the paper will be responsible for the conduct of the above.
5. A candidate shall be declared successful in the examination if he/she secures atleast 30% marks separately in the internal assessment and external examination of each paper, and obtains atleast 40% marks in aggregate of all the courses of a semester and of the degree (Four Semesters).
6. In case a candidate fails to obtain a minimum of 30% marks in internal examination in any paper he/she shall be declared as fail in the internal examination of that course and as such shall not be eligible to appear in the external examination of that paper.
7. External examination : A uniform pattern of question paper for external examination shall be followed in all the M.A., M.Sc., M.Sc. (Ag.), M.Com., M.Ed., regular courses in the university. The maximum marks of 50 in an external question paper will be divided into 3 section as per the following details :
  • (a) Section A: Five Compulsory question of 2 marks each. 5×2= 10
  • (b) Section B: Two questions (Out of three) of five marks each. 2×5=10
  • (c) Section C: Three questions (Out of five) of ten marks each 3×10=30
8. The external theory examination in each course will be held at the end of the each semester during the period and pattern prescribed by the university.
(a) A student failing in half or less number of courses prescribed for a semester, shall be allowed to reappear in these courses in the odd or even semester as the case may be in the next year/session.
(b) A student failing in more than half the number of courses prescribed for a semester shall be declared as having failed in that semester and shall have to reappear in all the courses of that semester as an ex-student in that semester, subject to the condition that he/she shall not be allowed to appear simultaneously in the two semesters together (i.e., 1st and IIIrd semesters or IInd and IVth semesters).
10. If a candidate fails to obtain a minimum of 30% marks in the external examination in any paper he/she shall be eligible to re-appear in the external examination of that paper as an ex-student. However, no re-appear facility would be allowed in the internal assessment in any paper if a candidate has secured 30% or more marks in that paper.
11. A candidate who obtains 30% marks in each paper separately in internal and external examination but fails to obtain the aggregate of the 40% marks in all the papers taken together in a semester or aggregate of all the four semesters shall be permitted to reappear as an Ex-student in external examinations only in maximum of two papers of a semester in which his/her marks are less than 40%, in the next even/odd semester as the case may be.
12. A student of PG will be assigned division on the following basis after he/she has successfully completed all the courses/papers prescribed for the degree in a subject:
  First Division: 60% and above  
  Second Division: 48% and above but less than 60%  
  Third Division: 40% and above but less than 48%  
13. The schedule for the external theory examination shall be prepared by the Registrar and all the arrangements in this connection would be made by him.
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