With a brimming pride I offer my greetings to our prospective students. Ginni Devi Modi Girls P.G. College started in 1983 with the avowed mission of providing opportunities of higher education to women. This college has everything to offer a student, who looks forward to excellence in academics, extracurricular activities, sports, NSS, NCC, Rovers' Rangers, ICT and many other fields. The institution stands for excellence and continuously sets the highest standards. It is a prestigious women's college engaged in imparting liberal education to women and is a hub for liberal exploration of one's interests and potentials. The education system in the college emphasizes not only attainment of knowledge and critical reasoning but also values and discipline. With the hope of yet another immensely successful academic year, I welcome students desirous of joining a institution that fulfills the aspirations of students. Join Ginni Devi Modi Girls P.G. College and experience the high quality education and opportunities it has to offer.


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