The vision of the College is "Self Reliance through Education". Since its inception in 1983 college has been nurtured to be the vanguard of higher education to make the future generation of women self reliant and empowered through sound education adhering to the principles of truth and traditional values revitalized by scientific outlook and strengthened by moral and social responsibilities.
The college has mission to move forward towards the achievement of the vision of the founders of the college to cater the higher education needs of the girls belonging to the most disadvantaged and deprived sections of the society both in urban and rural areas in and around the town Modinagar, to impart the value-based education to nurture a culture of solidarity and to develop the overall personality of the students by providing them holistic higher education that will promote their social, economic and cultural advancement and also through their active participation in extra-curricular activities and socially relevant extension activities to inculcate the sense community belongingness amongst the students.


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